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Why Support a Dance Education

All About Dance is a special place that empowers each student to become the dancer and the person they are inspired to be.  We are guided by our studio’s core values of love, respect, inclusivity, originality, technique, performance, growth, friendship, and fun.   Whether a recreational student visiting the studio for 1-2 hours per week or one of our pre-professional students who spend more time at the studio than at home, we strive to provide an endless source of positive energy in an environment where each dancer learns to respect the art form of dance, their dance teachers, each other, and themselves.  


Research shows that dance is an amazing art form that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and healthy minds & bodies.  Children who participate in dance tend to have better self esteem and dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.  Becoming a skilled dancer requires practice, discipline and focus which are all skills that can be applied to other areas of life.  Students who regularly participate in dance lessons tend to perform better academically than their non participating peers, and they are also more comfortable with public speaking.


We know that our current dancers are gaining these valuable life skills!  Our goal is to expand our reach to the underserved in our community - in order to change more young lives!   Dance studios can be a safe place, where one can go to escape many of life’s everyday challenges.  Dance is proven to lift your mood, ease anxiety and build social bonds!  Dance is a wonderful after-school activity - not only will the student be keeping active and away from destructive behaviors, they will also be having fun and exploring their creative side too!

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