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Duo-Genre Classes:
(Age 4
-8yrs old classes grouped by age)

Ballet & Tap: 

  • This 45-60-minute medley combines two foundational genres in one class. Dancers will explore rhythm, coordination, and beginning techniques in both Ballet & Tap! 

Ballet & Hip Hop:

  • This 45-minute medley combines our two most popular styles in one class! Dancers get the best of both worlds with focus on elegant and graceful ballet techniques & hard hitting, high-energy Hip Hop skills! 

Ballet & Jazz: (Age 6-8)

  • This 1.5-hour medley provides an introduction into the classics. In this class, dancers will develop and strengthen their technique in both Ballet and Jazz! Since the genres build off of each other, dancers will experience significant growth in dance fundamentals. 


Sinlge Genre Ballet, Modern, Lyrical
(Age 5-8yrs old classes grouped by age)

Beginning Ballet: By age 4-6 (45 min)  6-8 (1hr)

  • Beginning level Ballet class for dancers with little to no experience! In this 45-60-minute class, dancers will learn beginner ballet technique and terminology. 

Beginning Modern: (Age 6-8)

  • Beginning level Modern, a more expressive dance style, for dancers with little to no experience! Dancers will learn beginning Modern skills building off of Ballet technique in this 1hr class. 

Beginning Lyrical: (Age 6-8)

  • For dancers who love storytelling, this 60-minute class teaches dancers how movement with music and lyrics can bring a story to life. 1-2 years previous dance experience recommended.


Duo-Genre Classes:
(Age 4-5yrs old)

Tap & Hip Hop: (Age 4 & 5)

  • In this high-energy 45-minute combination class, dancers will explore the auditory and physical rhythm of tap and hip-hop! This class is perfect for dancers who want to feel the beat and dance it out in this rhythm extravaganza.

Hip Hop & Acro: (Age 4 & 5)​

  • Explore the fundamentals of Acrobatics and Hip Hop in this 45 min class! Your dancer will focus on building strength, flexibility, musicality & and work on basic gymnastics skills such as handstands, bridges, rolls, cartwheels and more! 


Single Genre Classes:
(Age 4-8yrs old classes grouped by age)

Acro: By age 4-6 (45 min)  6-8 (1hr)

  • Explore the fundamentals of Acrobatics in this 45-60-minute class! Your dancer will focus on building strength and flexibility and work on basic skills such as handstands, bridges, rolls, cartwheels and more! 

Popstar Dance Party: (Age 4-6)

  • Bring out your dancer’s inner rock star! This high energy 30-minute class will give your dancer the chance to sing and dance their heart out to an array of classic and current pop favorites. This dance party is a great addition to any All About Dance Class! 

Broadway Bound: (Age 6 & 7)

  • A 60-minute medley class that focuses on dance styles found in theatre as well as singing and acting! Each session culminates in a small show.


Single Genre Hip-Hop:
(Age 5-8yrs old classes grouped by age)

Hip Hop: Classes by age 5-6 (45 min) 6-8 (1hr)

  • In this class your dancer will learn the basics of Hip Hop in a fun and engaging environment! They will focus on building skills, mobility & musicality in this 45-60-minute dance party! 

Breaking: (Age 6-8)

  • In this 60-minute class, your dancer will explore the basics of breakdancing in a fun & safe environment with a Professional B-Boy! 

Hip Hop Company Prep: (Age 5-8)

  • This 1-hr 30-minute class is for dancers looking to further their Hip Hop skills and techniques. This class will focus on preparing dancers for AAD Hip Hop Company Auditions. 


Starlet Prep:
(Age 5 & 6)

Starlet Prep:

  • This class is a 1hr 30min class that focuses on Jazz and Ballet Technique. Starlet Prep is designed for Senior Kindergarteners to prepare them to audition for our Starlet Program. The Starlet Program is our pre-company program for dancers in 1st-3rd grade who are interested in committing more to studying various dance techniques in depth.



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