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Rec Green Show

Saturday, June 15 // 11:30 AM

Monday 4:00-4:45pm Boy’s Breakdancing & Hip Hop (4-6yrs)- Mr. Bochi

“Here Come The Boys”

Val Antonucci, Nadal Chaudhry, Franklin Gest, Lev Liss, James McNamara, Jaymin Nagar, Miles Peek, Simon Peek, Lucas Sampson, Michael Zelazny


Saturday 10:00-10:45am Ballet & Hip Hop (3-4yrs)- Ms. Grace

“Boogie Shoes”

Mackenzie Forsyth, Lizzie Kaplan Ginsberg,  Emma Gonda, Sofie Leone, Penelope Miller,  Lily Pechersky, Sunny Ringer,  Atlas Roth, Mareya Roth, Emet Scanlan, Perry Schultz, Carson Weintraub


Monday 3:15-4:00pm Ballet & Tap (4-6yrs)- Ms. Lucia

“Crazy Little Thing”

Milly Bradford, Ruby Bradford, Lillian Geis, Kareena Hemani, Cristina-Ryan Hunt, Charlotte Peek, C.C. Kourelis, Delilah Jenkins, Isabel Kosciulek, Charley Tollinche


Saturday 10:00-10:45am Ballet & Hip Hop (4-5yrs)- Ms. Erin

“In The Golden Afternoon”

Taylor Bryant, Harper Homrich,  Sloane Horney, Nuala Morris, Sophie Pechersky, Annie Solomon, Avery Strauss, Camille Storti, Penelope Vasco,


Wednesday 4:45-5:30pm Ballet (Kinder)- Ms. Sophia

“A Whole New World”

Alessia Carabez-Carmenatty, Lily Fredenberg, Charlie Nelson, Nora Sassano, Ronni Sassano


Monday 4:00-5:00pm Acro (3rd-4th Grade)- Mx. Alli


Samantha Brown, Evelyn Garthwaite, Fiona Leidlein, Alexandra Masters


Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm Ballet & Hip Hop (Kinder)- Ms. Sophia

“Be Our Guest”

Mira Channapati, Elliana Faurer, Janie Goldberg, Olivia James Gomoll, Kiran Goyal, Lila Haynes, Zoe Little, Ava Razzak, Zoe Rifkin, Frances Sainati, Cleo Toppston


Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm Ballet & Hip Hop (3-4yrs)- Ms. Tori

“Catch A Falling Star”

Charlotte Dalton, Claire Dixon, Zelda Forgan, Phoebe Little, Augustine Meyer, Kenli Nelson, Lily Pechersky, Maeve Petosky, Chloe Rogerson, Suleman Razzak, Sofia Solis, Isabel Zozoya


Tuesday & Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm Breakdancing- Mr. Bochi

“Don’t Sweat The Technique”

 June Broering, Jack Fitzpatrick, Dimitri Francis “Frankie” Harris, Sammy Johnson, Thomson Pease,  Niam Sheng


Friday 4:00-5:30pm Ballet & Jazz (1st–2nd Grade)- Ms. Michelle

“Little Wonders”

Catherine Chai, Scarlett Herr, Mimi Holubow, Olivia Jenkins, Josie Kanefsky, Athena Siragusa, Chelsea Tawuo, 


Monday 4:15-5:00pm Acro (4-6yrs)- Ms. Melissa

“Every Girl’s A Supergirl”

 Alessia Carabez-Carmenatty, Bella Conway, Grace Gillihan, Cristina-Ryan Hunt, Kate McNamara, Juliana Nigro, Madeline Savor, Avery Strauss




Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm Ballet & Tap (Kinder)- Ms. Chelsea

“Dig A Little Deeper”

Anabel Adams, Diana (Diny) Audet, Aviva Blair, Helen Charles, Rae Lagrange, Sophie Pechersky, Margot Perez, Ipsie Pikat, Anna Rashkow, Chloe Schulte, Effie Turk, Shea West


Tuesday 4:45-5:30pm Tap & Hip Hop (Kinder)- Ms. Lucia

“We Got The Beat”

Emelia Buckley, Gia Canellis, Stella Harper, Ollie Johnson, Penny Nickells, Nora Sassano, Ronni Sassano, Linnea Wood


Thursday 4:30-5:15pm Boy’s Hip Hop (4-6yrs)- Mr. Micah


 Noa Barnett, Asher Kishore, Austin Krigel, William Laragh, Lev Ritter, Seth Welbel 


Saturday 10:00-10:45am Acro (Kinder)- Mx. Alli

“Rain On Me”

Isabella Barry, Lucille Craig, Grace Miller


Friday 4:00-5:30pm Ballet & Jazz (1st–2nd Grade)- Ms. Michelle

“Like Whoa”

Catherine Chai, Scarlett Herr, Mimi Holubow, Olivia Jenkins, Josie Kanefsky, Athena Siragusa, Chelsea Tawuo


Monday 4:45-5:30pm Hip Hop (Kinder)- Mr. Micah


Carter Denison, Lee Brown, Cristina-Ryan Hunt, Rae Lagrange, Taleen Shraim, Sean Wang, Zarah Askar


Saturday 10:15-11:00am Ballet & Hip Hop (Kinder)- Ms. Lucia

“Pumpin’ Up The Party”

Helen Charles, Sofia Fisher, Cece Hennig, Blake Horney, Eboni Howard, Harper Luna, Cecilia Leone, Vivian Liautaud, Ella Luna, Mabel Matthews, Claire Mullins, Claire Pammler


Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm Hip Hop (3rd-4th Grade)- Ms. Priscilla

“Imma Be”

Jack Fitzpatrick, Selene Gregory, Clara Heyman, Sylvie Jubelirer, Julia Laragh, Georgia Ochstein, Amy Rifkin, Daniella Tamen, Madeline Travalini, Violet Werner, Erla Ziu




I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you for being a part of the All About Dance community! Seeing your dancers’ confidence and passion for dance grow each week has been incredible. Not to mention all of the beautiful new dance friendships that were made in classes this year- So special!! Your dancers have worked so hard during this session, and we are so excited for them to take the stage! We can't wait to continue to grow with all of your dancers in the years to come!!

To our amazing Recreational Teachers and Front of House Staff- Thank you for your patience, passion, and love! From greeting dancers and families at the door with a smile and fitting little ones for their first ballet shoes, to sharing your love of dance in the classroom and inspiring dancers of all ages- I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you for another incredible year! 




  • Be sure to register for Summer Camp + Summer Classes!

  • Rec Fall Registration Opens Monday, June 24th @ 10am

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