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Thank you to our amazing Dance for Pros Company for another incredible season! Thank you to all of the friends and family for coming out today and showing your love and support for these dancers! They have worked so hard over the last 10 months on these dances, and tonight you get to experience the magic! Their weekly dedication, passion and energy is what makes Dance Forever such a special and unique place that we all call our home away from home.  Dancers, thank you for constantly inspiring us to grow, create and show the world that our love for dance can continue even as we continue in our careers as adults.

You all have such amazing talent but most importantly, you have helped build a strong loving community here at Dance Forever! 

So much love -

Julia & Jo

A special note from Julia...

This year we are saying goodbye to a handful of dancers as they move to new cities, create new adventures, build careers, start families, and some who plan to stay right here! I have seen all of you grow as humans and dancers over the years and I want  you each to know that you have all had such an impact on my life not only as your leader on the dance floor but also in my personal life. Watching each of you show up every week and love, dance, laugh, cry..are memories that I will cherish forever. You have all been such a support for me throughout my years here at Dance Forever and for that, I am forever grateful.

I love you all. 

From Jessica...

To my Team: From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each one of you for supporting the vision of All About Dance and Dance Forever. Your collective strength and talent are unmatched, and it is because of you this studio is as special of a place as it is. Front of House: Thank you for always going above and beyond to support our teachers, students, and families. You make us all feel welcome, organized, and safe and the studio is better because of you.

Teachers: Every year, I grow more and more in awe of the talent, creativity, and passion you bring to your classes, your students, and each other and this year is no different. I am so proud of the role models you are, leveraging your inventive choreography and commitment to curriculum to make a difference in so many people’s lives, mine included.


Directors: Thank you for bringing such thoughtful leadership to all aspects of the studio. Every year you work tirelessly to deliver on promises and continue to raise the bar, making this studio the place it is today and creating opportunities that are so meaningful to all our students.


To our AAD families: Thank you for sharing your children with us. They give us purpose and teach us as much as we hope we are teaching them. We love and appreciate all of you and will be forever grateful for your support, love, and loyalty to All About Dance and Dance Forever. To the Kids: We are so grateful for the joy each one of you brings to the studio. It is your individuality, curiosity, and light that drives us to create an experience that we hope will make a positive impact on your lives forever. Thank you for all you give to our community.


To our Dance for Pros: We love and admire your decision to keep your passion for dance alive into adulthood! Keeping that light alive in all of us is so important and you can see the amazing camaraderie and friendships Dance Forever has given to all of you. As I have said before, Adulting is hard which is why Dance Friends are necessary to keep us feeling young, having fun, and of course, DANCING FOREVER!!!


To My Family: Thank you Scott for your unwavering support, unconditional love, and unparalleled partnership. To my girls, Juliette, and Gabriella, I am so proud to be your mom and so grateful dance has had the impact it has in creating such self-assured little girls. Thank you for sharing me with this community I love so much.


Here's to a great show!

Lots of love, Jessica

Founder and Owner

All About Dance · Dance Forever

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