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All About Dance Haiti Summer 2018 Dance & Arts Camp

For the past three summers volunteers from Chicago have had an amazing opportunity to travel to Lamardelle, Haiti to provide up to 150 children ages 6–14 with an opportunity to participate in a one week long dance and arts camp! This was a new opportunity offered to the children who attend the Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) school. Lead by Shannon Westveer, the co-owner of All About Dance and the mom to an adopted child from Haiti, the first and second annual dance and arts camps were a huge success! The children are selected for this program based on their academic standing and overall performance by teachers and staff at the end of every school year. Because of the programs popularity, the program has grown significantly. This upcoming summer, those students working to be considered for one of the 150 available spots will be welcomed by 16 All About Dance teachers, staff, students and volunteers. We hope to provide yet another amazing dance and arts experience for the children of the FEJ school as well as the local community.