Our mission is to expand the accessibility of a dance education to students within our AAD family and to underserved children within our broader Chicago community.  We also are committed to building respect for the art form and striving to provide fair pay and performance opportunities to individuals who have chosen to pursue a professional career in dance.

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All donations made to the Beyond the Dance Floor Foundation are much appreciated and 100% tax deductible.  If you would like to donate by check, or need our Federal Tax ID number to process a donation from your Donar Advised Fund, please click below to email our Director of Fundraising for more information.


During the pandemic, All About Dance needed to quickly pivot to ensure its dancers were able to continue pursuing their passion for dance and its teachers were able to continue earning a living wage.  During this process, the leadership team had an “aha” moment. We realized that, in order to fulfill AAD’s parallel dreams of giving every kid a chance to dance & supporting those who choose to pursue a career in dance, we needed to create an organization that could raise the funds necessary to turn these dreams into a reality.   


Our desire to provide opportunities in dance during the full cycle of a dancer’s journey...


  1. Increasing access to young children who would otherwise not be exposed to dance

  2. Assisting budding artists who have the passion to become skilled dancers with their families’ inability to afford our company programs

  3. Strengthening AAD’s influence as an advocate and support system for those pursuing dance as their professional field


...will only be fully realized through the financial support of our generous friends.  Thus, Beyond The Dance Floor was born. We look forward to growing this organization to be a leader within the Chicago dance community


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Community Outreach

We have given our teachers and dancers the opportunity to go beyond the dance floor and give back to our Chicago communities. Here are some of the programs and communities we work with;

  • MBM Dance

  • Awesome Life Academy

  • Girl Forward


$150 to sponsor two teachers and their travel to the community.

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Financial Assistance

Beyond the Dance Floor is committed to providing financial assistance to our dancers who cannot afford the cost of a dance education.

  • Donations will be utilized to provide financial assistance grants to dancers in our Starlet, Company, and Youth Programs, including our students from Marshall Field Gardens.


  1. $2500 - Sponsor 3 dancers from Marshall Field Gardens.

  2. $835 - Sponsor 1 dancer for 1 semester, including class, costume and recital tickets.

  3. $1435 - Sponsor 1 dancer for 2 semesters, including class, costume, and recital tickets.

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Professional Sponsorship 

Are you looking to sponsor professional dance projects or concert performances?


Your donation will help projects such as our professional show, "United", come to life. In addition, the piece "Wonder", choreographed by our very own Rachael Berube and performed by our All About Dance teachers, was only possible due to the generous donations of our Beyond The Dance Floor supporters.


Thank you to our event sponsors who made our signature fundraiser, Student Choreography Experience 2022, a huge success. A special thank you to our Ultimate Platinum and Platinum Sponsors.

Ultimate Platinum Sponsor:

Richard & Diane Weinberg

Platinum Sponsors:

The Fuller Family

The MIlner Family



Your financial contribution provides the overlooked and underserved youth in our community, as well as our passionate pre-professinal dancers, the gift of a dance education.


A nonprofit is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change. There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways that you can get our message to your friends and family.

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