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Performance Team

Least Commitment
Weekly Commitment: 3½ -4 hours
Recommended Prior Experience:
MULTI: 2 years Ballet + 1 yr Modern, Jazz or Hip Hop
HIP HOP: 2 years Hip Hop
Focus on a few select genres. Dancers will gain technique and performance experience in a fun, stress-free environment.

Dance Programs Chicago

Competition Team 1

More Commitment
Weekly Commitment: 6 hours
Recommended Prior Experience:
3 years Ballet + 1-year Hip Hop + 1 year Jazz or Modern
Focus on 4 or more genres. Dancers will gain technique and experience competitive dancing at the novice or intermediate level.

Competition Team 2

Most Commitment
Weekly Commitment: 12 + hours
Recommended Prior Experience:
4 years Ballet + 3 years Hip Hop + 3 years Jazz + 1 year Modern + 1-year Tap
Pre-Professional Track– Focus on 5 or more genres. Dancers will refine their technique while performing at competitions and conventions at the most advanced level.